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Ohio Wide, Inc. offers a wide variety of on-site inspection services to effectively become your eyes and ears in the field. These inspections are performed in compliance with all investor/ insurer guidelines and applicable local laws, and typically are used to establish and record occupancy, first time vacancy and property description & condition.

Reports are filed promptly upon completion of the inspection, and are accompanied by appropriate descriptive and photo (if required) documentation, with comments regarding anything the inspectors deem out-of-the-ordinary or worthy of note.

Ohio Wide can provide the following Property Inspection Services:

Initial Inspection – Drive-by or visual inspection to verify occupancy and generate an initial property description from an exterior only inspection, with no attempt to make contact with the mortgagor, occupant or third parties. Photo (if required) documented reports generated from these inspections comply with investor/insurer guidelines.

On-going Inspections – On-going drive-by or visual inspections at frequency dictated by client direction or investor/insurer guidelines to establish occupancy status and property condition. Exterior only, no contact, photo (if required) documented reports.

Bankruptcy Property Inspections – Drive-by or visual inspection to establish occupancy at the direction of client or investor/insurer guidelines. Exterior only, no contact, photo (if required) documented reports.

Monthly Interior Inspections of Vacant & Secure Properties – Regularly scheduled interior inspections of vacant and secured properties to comply with investor/insurer guidelines for interior inspections. These are visual inspections to alert clients to visible damage or situations which may occur and require immediate action to prevent additional damage or costs. No tests or certification of property condition, includes photo (if required) documented reports.


“Interview One-Contact” Attempt Inspection – One attempt is made to contact the mortgagor or borrower concurrent with a visual exterior inspection at the client’s direction and/or investor/insurer guidelines. Photo (if required) documented report, exterior only, with a message left with or for the mortgagor to contact the client at a specific telephone number and extension.

“Deed-in-Lieu-of-Foreclosure” Inspections – At client’s request, an inspector can meet with the mortgagor to review terms and conditions of the deed-in-lieu title transfer. On the date of transfer, the inspector will again meet with the mortgagor at the property to verify property condition and status as called for in the agreement, including presence of appliances, presence of debris, status of utilities and other condition issues. Once confirmed, we then secure and winterize the property per established guidelines and provide a photo (if required) documented report calling attention to any repairs or changes that will be needed to place the property in a saleable condition.

Mobile Home Inspections – Our inspectors will identify a mobile or manufactured home at the time of initial inspection and will attempt to verify the VIN number, and report if the property has been permanently affixed to the ground and provide a property description, Exterior only unless the property is vacant and non-secure.

Contact Inspections to Verify Occupancy – Asset Protection Field Services will conduct an exterior inspection for occupancy with an attempt to verify the names of the property occupants to facilitate eviction proceedings or for quality control on loan origination.

FNMA (Fannie Mae) Form 30 Property Inspection – Inspections specifically to comply with FNMA inspection requirements, photo documented reports.

Sale Date Inspections – Contact inspection for occupancy on the date of foreclosure sale (provided by client) to determine names of current occupants. If no contact is possible we will make inquiries of neighbors to attempt to ascertain names of occupants.

Insurance Loss Draft Inspections – Ohio Widecan perform inspections on vehicles and residential properties where insurance claims have been made for rehabilitation and/or repair work is being performed to determine the extent of the damage, or the extent of the repairs being made and to determine and document the insured party’s satisfaction with the work being performed. Photo documented reports if requested.

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